Our Team

Richey May is distinguished by the experience level of its senior team members, their deep industry expertise, and their track record of successful engagements and proactively delivering exceptional client service. Our team is dedicated to furthering their education regarding current trends and practices within the industries we serve in order to maximize the benefit to our clients. We are privileged to employ some of the most experienced people in the industry.

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Founding Partners

Leadership Team

Daniel O’Connor Assurance Partner,
Alternative Investments Practice Leader
Elizabeth Amenta Senior Tax Manager
Erik Edson Audit Director,
Alternative Investments Practice
Gina West Senior Tax Manager
Helen Rasoul Senior Tax Manager, Real Estate Practice Business Development
Jake Lawrence Senior Tax Manager
Jared Frost Tax Partner
Jason Wagner Tax Partner
Jason Yetter Chief Operating Officer
Jennifer Hannah Assurance Partner
John Dale Assurance Partner
John Gregg Partner in Charge,
Assurance Services
John-Thomas Gaietto Executive Director,
Cybersecurity Services
Jonathan Sharon Tax Partner,
Alternative Investments Practice
Josh Ratner Senior Tax Manager
Kalen Richey Senior Manager,
Transaction Services
Kathy Sealman, Human Resources Manager Kathy Sealman, Human Resources Manager
Kathy Sealman Human Resources Director
Katie Compton Senior Audit Manager
Kurt Blohm Senior Manager,
Advisory Services
Kyle Billman Tax Manager, Commercial Finance Practice Leader
Lauren Espineli Senior Audit Manager
Natasha Thompson Senior Audit Manager
Nathan Lee Partner in Charge,
Practice Growth
Nick Ward Senior Audit Manager
Quan Le Audit Manager
Rachel Daly Marketing Director
Ryan Marczewski Senior Tax Manager
Sean Sawey Alternative Investments Tax Lead
Seth Cohen Director of Business Development
Shannon Gilbert Senior Tax Manager
Steve Putnam Partner in Charge,
Tax Services
Stephen Vlasak Business Development
Partner, Alternative Investments Practice
Thomas Hoffman Tax Partner
Travis Thomason Senior Audit Manager, Alternative Investments Practice
Travis Winder Chief Financial Officer
Tyler House Manager, Advisory Services