Strategic Data Analytics

Strategic Data Analytics

The wealth of information available on mortgage lending in today’s market provides a remarkable opportunity for data-driven strategic planning and decision-making for independent lenders – if they have the ability to see through the noise. With decades of experience in the industry, our mortgage experts are able to do just that: sort through the flood of data to identify only those key points that are most useful in helping you run your business and staying competitive.

HMDA Market Share Dashboard



Thanks to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), comprehensive data on nearly 95% of all mortgage originations nationwide is made available to the public. But in its raw state, this data is cumbersome and difficult to navigate, requiring hours of time to scrub and manipulate this information in order to uncover relevant statistics and trends that can be used by lenders.

The mortgage professionals at Richey May have done this work for you, organizing the raw data into a dynamic, tailored dashboard that allows lenders to drill down on specific markets and uncover key statistics to help aid strategic decision-making. Trying to measure the effectiveness of your sales efforts? Looking to enter into new markets, but not sure which align with your strategic goals? Seeking out M&A partners that compliment both your current footprint and future growth goals? Need to better understand your current marketplace and how your sales efforts should evolve with the changing landscape? With a few clicks, you can modify the dashboard to see only the data relevant to your business and the decisions you need to make to stay competitive.

For the coming year, we’re offering complimentary access to the latest 2015 data in the dashboard below.

Loan Origination Trends

The reporting & compliance requirements on today’s lenders may be a weighty administrative burden, but data collection tied to compliance can also provide great insight into the industry and its trends. On a quarterly basis, the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) releases the raw origination data by product and purpose on a state level, free of charge to the public. The mortgage specialists at Richey May summarize this raw data, providing the resulting report at no cost to our valued clients and friends in the industry.

To better understand the trends in your state, and how your business compares with other independents in your market, visit our dashboard below. Our interactive, dynamic reporting tool is easily adjusted to show data relevant to your needs and to answer your specific questions.

Return to visit this graph each quarter for the latest interactive data.

Richey May Select Quarterly Snapshot

Richey May Select is our peer-to-peer financial benchmarking tool that gives participants dynamic access to quarterly data six weeks after every quarter end. It is the timeliest financial and operational benchmarking tool available to the independent mortgage banker. While users have access to extensive financial and operational performance metrics through our Richey May Select platform, we provide high-level summary trend reports relevant to independent lenders on a quarterly basis to our friends in the industry.


RMS-Snapshot----Q2-2017--Download-the-PDF-small for web




To view the latest quarterly trend report available from our Richey May Select data, please visit the report to the left. Trend data will be updated every quarter, six weeks after quarter end. Previous quarterly reports can be found in our Quarterly Snapshot Library.


Please visit our Richey May Select page for more information on this platform and the value it can provide to your business.


Richey May Select

MBA Mortgage Finance Forecast

Every month, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) publishes a Mortgage Finance Forecast, its mortgage originations forecast and the estimates of major housing market indicators such as housing starts, home sales, home prices and mortgage rates. This current economic data allows lenders to make important business decisions today, while past and forecasted data provide insight into trends and changes in the industry and a tool for budgeting and forecasting performance for upcoming quarters and years.


The MBA has allowed Richey May to host this monthly forecast here on our own site, giving you direct access to another great tool to help you make strategic business decisions. For more information on the MBA’s Mortgage Finance Forecast, please visit the Forecasts and Commentary section of the MBA website.


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