Q4 2014 Mortgage Banking Highlights

Blog Post Q4 2014 Mortgage Banking Highlights

Q4 2014 Mortgage Banking Highlights

March 2015

Richey May Select, the “next generation” in peer-to-peer benchmarking, has published its 4th Quarter of 2014 Snapshot Report. This report highlights a few key trends from the 4th Quarter of Richey May Select participants.


Q4 2014 Snapshot Independent Mortgage Bankers


Richey May Select is a peer group benchmarking tool that gives independent mortgage bankers dynamic access to quarterly data 6 weeks after quarter end. It is the timeliest financial and operational benchmarking tool available to the independent mortgage banker. For more information about this invaluable tool, please email RMSelect@richeymay.com. Winner of the 2013 Mortgage Technology’s Synergy Award.