Whitepaper – The Great and Powerful “OZ”

Blog Post Whitepaper – The Great and Powerful “OZ”

Whitepaper – The Great and Powerful “OZ”

Finalized Regulations Released on Investing in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund


February 2020


After much anticipation, the Treasury Department has issued final regulations for Code Section 1400Z, Opportunity Zones. The final regulations are a lengthy 544 pages, but they clarify many open questions that investors and tax advisors had with the limited guidance previously available. The topics addressed in the final regulations include:

  • Explanations of qualified sale of property at the end of 10 years
  • 180-Day rule adjustments
  • Section 1231 gain eligibility
  • Changes in the substantial improvement test
  • Vacant property rule clarification, working capital safe harbor
  • The “sin” business de minimis exception
  • …and more.

The Treasury Department has added much-needed flexibility to the proposed regulations, making Opportunity Zone investing more accessible and exciting than ever.

Our Whitepaper details key points from the new regulations for leaders to reference easily.