OCIE Releases 2020 Examination Priorities

Blog Post OCIE Releases 2020 Examination Priorities

OCIE Releases 2020 Examination Priorities

January 2020

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) 2020 examination priorities have just been announced. The changes reflect the evolution of the industry as a whole—as the investment landscape changes, so must the ways it is monitored.


Among others, the 2020 list of examination priorities includes:

  • An increased focus on retail investors, particularly regarding disclosures of fees, expenses and conflicts of interest
  • Scrutiny of entities providing market infrastructure services, especially their security of systems
  • A closer look at the mitigation of cyber and other security risks
  • Continuing risk-based examinations of RIAs, focusing on those that have never been examined, which will include RIAs advising both retail investors and private funds
  • Identifying how organizations are complying with anti-money laundering requirements
  • Attention to how financial technology (Fintech) and innovative practices are changing the industry


Learn more about these and more of the OCIE’s shifting priorities in the official press release.


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