Compensation Survey

Independent Mortgage Lender Compensation Survey

Every year, our Mortgage Banking professionals compile our Independent Mortgage Lender Compensation Survey based on information provided to us from lenders around the country. Our survey methodology provides a unique opportunity for independent mortgage lenders to evaluate their compensation strategies and metrics in relation to their regional peers in order to attract and retain top talent.


  • REGIONAL & LOCAL MARKETS COMPARISON – Our analysis includes information based on the most comparable regional area, providing you with valuable and relevant data to your business. This allows you to see if your compensation packages are competitive in your specific area, not simply the national averages.
  • SPECIFIC TO MORTGAGE BANKING – We cover over 150 job titles specific to mortgage banking, so you will only be provided with information relevant to your specialty.
  • DYNAMIC Our use of an interactive dashboard to display the survey data allows participants to drill down on a variety of geographic markets or peer criteria to answer your questions regarding compensation. Additionally, the entire data set can be exported to Excel for further analysis.
  • CONVENIENT – Most compensation surveys require you to fill out long questionnaires or sift through payroll documents to find the required data. As a participant in the Richey May program, you simply send us data files from your company’s payroll system and we extract all necessary information to conduct the analysis.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING – Our fees include compensation data for all mortgage banking titles and departments, making our survey the most affordable survey specific to mortgage banking.


Want to learn how to participate? Download these instructions

Sample Dashboard

Visit our sample dashboard below* to experience the interactive data available to our compensation survey subscribers. With a few clicks, you can modify the dashboard to see only the data relevant to your business, including department and related titles, region, metro area and the breakdown of total compensation packages. As a client, you will receive a personalized log in to access your dashboard with the most up-to-date compensation data.


*Includes mock data only; actual survey data is available only to subscribers


**Sample dashboard may not render properly in Internet Explorer. If you are experiencing issues viewing the dashboard, please use a different browser.


*Sample dashboard does not allow export of data to Excel, but can be seen in the below downloadable sample. 

Download a sample report of the tailored data you can export from the
interactive dashboard.


To request a demo or speak to one of our experts about how the compensation survey can benefit your business, please fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.