Richey May Select

Richey May Select

Peer-to-Peer Financial Benchmarking


Richey May Select is the next-generation in financial and operational benchmarking for mortgage lenders. Our intuitive, web-based tool provides lenders with timely, precise, and relevant metrics on peer performance, allowing you to drive informed decision-making aimed at improving efficiencies, increasing margins and controlling costs.


Apples to Apples

Dynamic Data

Easy to Participate

Quarterly data is released 35 days after quarter end, making it the timeliest financial benchmarking platform in the industry.

Richey May maps each participant’s financials to a standardized format and then handpicks peer lenders for each peer group, providing a superior apples to apples comparison.

Users have access to both current and past data, which can be easily incorporated into Board and management reporting.

Rather than filling out long and complicated surveys, Richey May collects data from system automated reports – requiring no additional time needed to submit data each quarter.

Client Testimonial

“Richey May Select is such a noteworthy technology as it doesn’t merely provide comparative information, but pulls that information from similar companies so the information is relevant to your specific company on numerous aspects that impact your bottom-line. In a short time, Richey May Select has become an invaluable tool in our day-to-day business operations.”

Why Benchmark?


Warehouse lenders and investors are benchmarking you against your peers and so should you. Arm yourself with the facts before you negotiate your line or settle an indemnification.



Highlighting your strengths in the market can be a powerful sales tool to borrowers, loan officers and branches. In a competitive environment, facts are the differentiator between securing that high producer.


Benchmarking is your reference point for implementing and managing change. Encourage discovery of new ideas through a strategic look at your performance.



Identify areas for expansion. What platforms are thriving and which are struggling? Self-assess your performance, including production, turn-times, margins and productivity, to expose strengths and weaknesses.

Client Testimonial

“Richey May Select has become one of our more important business tools. We’re in a highly competitive field at a highly competitive time, and Richey May Select helps us to better evaluate our efficiencies. It is the best benchmarking tool for lenders that want to stay consistently competitive and profitable, regardless of how high or low rates go, or how much volume expands or contracts.”

Quarterly Snapshot

While users have access to extensive financial and operational performance metrics through our Richey May Select platform, we provide high-level summary trend reports relevant to independent lenders on a quarterly basis to our friends in the industry.


RMS Snapshot Q2 2019 - Download the PDF




To view the latest quarterly trend report available from our Richey May Select data, please visit the report to the left. Trend data will be updated every quarter, six weeks after quarter end. Previous quarterly reports can be found in our Quarterly Snapshot Library.


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To learn more about the reports you will receive and how to use our platform, view the demo video or download a sample report.


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