Mortgage Banking Roundtable

Mortgage Banking Roundtable

Richey May Mortgage Banking RoundtableEstablished in 2010, the Richey May Mortgage Banking Roundtable is now recognized as one of the premier events within the mortgage banking industry. The roundtable event, which came about as the result of Richey May’s desire to add value to its mortgage banking clients, is a unique forum that promotes discussion and the sharing of ideas and insight among the CEOs and presidents of independent mortgage companies.

On average, over 100 executives attend our Roundtable annually, representing more than 60 mortgage banking companies from around the country. Our selection of premiere speakers, as well as the highly regarded roundtable discussion format and vendor-free atmosphere, ensures that participants walk away from the event with information and insight that will help them in the day-to-day operations of their companies.


As evidence of the success of the roundtable, and as a result of the effort put in to ensuring that it is of value to the executives in attendance, the number of attendees has increased each year, as has the number of companies represented. We have a proven record of bringing together the leaders of the industry’s best independent lenders and providing a unique forum for them to collaborate and share ideas. Don’t take our word for it though; you can hear it first-hand from high-level industry executives that have attended the event in the past.

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    Defining more effective methods

    “What I have found most valuable is the benchmarking data and reports that are shared, the opportunity to network with other mortgage companies and their executives, and the presentations from timely and relevant guest speakers.”

    – Bill Lowman: President, American Pacific Mortgage Corporation

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    Learning from the best

    “The relationships and interactions that take place during the event are also of great value in helping to adopt best practices and stay on top of industry trends. The event also gives us the opportunity to learn of updates to accounting and tax regulations from the respected industry experts at Richey May.”

    – Brian Rindels: VP/Owner, Pinnacle Morgage Group, Inc.

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    Building Better Habits

    “I have attended the Richey May CEO conference for the past four years and have found it to be a cut above most other conferences. Having a group of higher level executives from peer companies is an invaluable opportunity to get feedback that is direct and appropriate for companies our size.”

    – Mark A. Jones: President & Co-Founder, AmeriFirst Financial Corporation

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    Addressing Specific Needs

    “I find the roundtable model extremely beneficial and appreciate the opportunity to speak with my peers in this type of setting, as it’s something you don’t see very often at conferences and events.”

    – David Waters: First Home Mortgage Corporation

Event Benefits

Discussions with your peers


At Richey May, we have a long history of working with mortgage banking professionals. We understand that they face some very unique challenges and regulatory requirements. And while we’re able to help our mortgage banking clients with their tax and accounting issues, and often provide valuable consulting and advisory services, we understand that some issues are best addressed by talking with peers within the industry who are dealing with the same challenges and opportunities.

Designed specifically for your role


Intended specifically for presidents and CEOs of independent lenders, the curriculum of each Roundtable event is developed to address the most common challenges, best practices and current trends affecting the mortgage banking industry.

Based on your input and current industry topics


To ensure participants get the most out of the roundtable, we gather feedback from executives as they register, as well as from previous attendees, to identify the current issues affecting the industry and the topics that those in attendance want to discuss. We then invite speakers and prepare discussion topics tailored toward addressing those critical issues.


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