Mortgage Industry Strategic Data Analytics

Mortgage Industry Strategic Data Analytics

The wealth of information available on mortgage lending in today’s market provides a remarkable opportunity for data-driven strategic planning and decision-making for independent lenders – if they have the ability to see through the noise. With decades of experience in the industry, our mortgage experts are able to do just that: sort through the flood of data to identify only those key points that are most useful in helping you run your business and staying competitive.

MBA Mortgage Finance Forecast

Every month, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) publishes a Mortgage Finance Forecast, its mortgage originations forecast and the estimates of major housing market indicators such as housing starts, home sales, home prices and mortgage rates. This current economic data allows lenders to make important business decisions today, while past and forecasted data provide insight into trends and changes in the industry and a tool for budgeting and forecasting performance for upcoming quarters and years.


The MBA has allowed Richey May to host this monthly forecast here on our own site, giving you direct access to another great tool to help you make strategic business decisions. For more information on the MBA’s Mortgage Finance Forecast, please visit the Forecasts and Commentary section of the MBA website.


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